Artiste Weathered Oak Bedroom Set

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    Born from a study of provincial European antiques, the Charlotte style is perfect for those who seek subtle detail and elegant scale. Note the softness of the rounded posts, each carved with a clean, crisp profile. Drawer fronts captured in mitered step moldings speak to a traditional pedigree. It’s refined turned leg brings a light as a cloud, airy freshness that comes from the rolling hills of western Europe.

    Design your very own piece of bedroom furniture using Artiste Furniture Design ToolChoose your piece, your style, your color, your finish and your hardware!

    More About Artiste Furniture:

    The Fine Cabinetmakers Standard

    When you design your furniture with Artiste, know that the final product will be built with standard features that you can be proud of. Every drawer is robotically assembled with laser precise English dovetail joinery, then fitted into the case with a high performance, under mounted “Soft Close” guide system. These metal guides are the same specification found in high end gourmet kitchens around the world. Take a minute to walk around an Artiste cabinet and you will see a full finish around the whole case. You’ll see that our solid back panels, properly fitted to each cabinet in the tongue and groove method are almost as beautiful as the fronts. We’ve engineered each case with this standard to not only improve case fit but to support the proper stability over years of use. We’ve used no flimsy composite boards attached with staples or screws when building your piece.
    Every cabinet manufactured by Artiste features “double interior box” construction. By building a skeleton within your case, we can guarantee you’ll never experience racking that can lead to poor drawer fit and performance. Though you likely won’t see it, know that your piece was built right.
    We have carefully selected textiles that are woven with Crypton treated thread. Crypton is the leading maker of performance fabrics that are stain, moisture and odor resistant. This means your upholstered headboard will have a long, and clean life.

    Designed in the USA

    For four generations, the Bergelin family has been designing and manufacturing furniture for American homes.  Their pieces are designed to function for today’s customer in homes with today’s technology.

    Manufactured in China at the most state of the art woodworking facility in the world

    In 2014, our Chairman had a vision for creating the plant of the future. After years of research and millions of dollars invested, our new facility opened in Tianjin, China. “Plant 10” features a fully robotic front end and case assembly cell. Each piece produced in this manner is assured to be constructed with laser accurate precision. The time-honored cabinet making details passed down by the Bergelin team inform every stage of the manufacturing process. Our finishing line is staffed with veteran hand finishers to ensure elegant colors and aging techniques are applied to every individual design. By leveraging new technologies, Artiste has the ability to create custom furniture for everyone.

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